Our Services

What we provide:

We provide very competitive prices and offer a unique one to one service. At all times the welfare of your dog is the number one priority, so if you or your dog has any special requirements we’d be happy to discuss them. Our flexible appointments enable owners to drop off their pet at a convenient time and then pick them back up when grooming is finished. Your dog will be given regular breaks and any nervous dogs will be given extra special care and introduced slowly to the grooming process.

Prices for all dogs will vary depending on your own unique requirements and the breed of dog.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices will be confirmed once you arrive with your dog and we have discussed your specific requirements. If your dog needs extra time or attention (e.g. has excessive matting) this will incur an additional charge.

A full grooming service includes:

  • Complete groom out – removal of all loose, old coat and tangled hair
  • A shampoo and condition – we have a wide variety of shampoos for all different coat types
  • Facial wash – no tears facial shampoo
  • Blow dry
  • Haircut – any style required
  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned and hair removal
  • Finished with a fragrance spray
  • We also offer hand-stripping for breeds that require this technique. A hand-stripping appointment includes all of the above.
  • We do offer just a bath, prices start from just £20 depending on breed size, please contact us for more details.